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I'm a lively Spirit traveling around North America. I'm in search of fantastic new people and a great adventure. My goal is to get to South America by 2012. I love all that is nature and am into sustainability, so you will see a lot of that on my blog.
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Dawson City

I”m a little behind but I went  to Dawson city  last week with my friend Pierre. It was  my first  time visiting the historic town of the Klondike gold rush. It’s really cool because they still have a lot of  the old style buildings up from the last turn of the century.

This is a Presbyterian church built in 1901 in Dawson City Yukon. It’s actually not  a crooked picture. The foundation  is sinking so the structure is collapsing. It’s the oldest church in Dawson City.

St. Andrews Church

St. Andrews Church

Here’s a nice little shanty in Dawson city.

House in Dawson

Here is a super old graveyard. I think it might  be a masonic graveyard. Dave?


We camped  out across the river. It was my first camping trip of the year.

First marshmallow roast of the season

II saw this really cool multi-coloured fox.

Foxy Junior

We drove up Dome road to see all of Dawson City.

View of Dawson from the Dome

II saw my first Grizzly Bear ever.

Grizzly Bear


And finally my other travel companion….



Maybe I was a Dwarf in a past life?

Ami and I went for a drive last night to see if we could see the giant forest fire outside of town any better. After  driving on a dirt road through the forest for 45 minutes we didn’t seem to be any closer to the fire.  It was a  nice little drive around Tatchen and Frenchman lake though. We saw a porcupine and a wild rabbit.  Yay  Wilderness!

Today I went to Whitehorse and went on a hunt for biodegradable sunscreen. I went to 4 different stores! Finally I found a tiny tube for $21.00 … Yikes!

$21.00 Sun screen

But I did happen across a cute little farmers market and got a bunch of organic food. I can’t  wait to have an organic avacado spinach and cheese melt.

mmm organic goodness


Tonight I went Agate Mining. I only found a couple tiny ones but I discovered I really like breaking rocks with a hammer. Maybe  I was a Dwarf in a past life??

Calgary: The first step on the road to Shambhala


Me & Best Couchsurfing host ever a.k.a. Sean


     I went to Calgary this passed weekend for Psi-crisis Training. I’m going to be  volunteering at the Sanctuary this year and  am very excited. Sanctuary is the space where people go to calm down when they are having a bad “trip”. I’ll be  doing low-threshold intervention with these attendees. Its a great way to give back to the community. Everyone at training was very awesome. It got me very excited for shambles this summer and festivals in general. One of the girls in the training was roommates with the guy I was supposed to be couch surfing with. So she took me to there house and made me yummy dinner.

     Sean  didn’t show up until later in the night but I got to meet the rest of his awesome roommates. Dave  who makes awesome leather hats.

Dave & Alicia

    They also had a party to celebrate their other roommate’s, Kitty, birthday. We had a bonfire in the backyard. Lindsey let me use her hoop and she taught me the basics of poi.

Kitty getting Birthday Kisses

Did you know they have Hello Kitty Champagne? Kitty got some as a present for her birthday. That alone made my night!

Hello Kitty Champagne! OMG!

We also smoked some  very yummy blueberry Shisha tobacco from their wicked hookah.

Blueberry Smoke

They also had 7 cats. I woke up to this guy staring at me.


 The next day Sean cooked wicked bacon and eggs and then they took me to  the lilac festival  His girlfriend Jenny has killer 8 year old dreads.

Sean & Jenny @ Lilac Fest

I had a great time in Calgary and met some super awesome people. I can’t wait until this summer. Shambhala is going to be epic. Volunteering at the Sanctuary with  Lindsey, road tripping with Ami, and meeting up with Liz again.

Destruction Bay: Population 28

Pierre asked me to go with him to Destruction Bay with him to visit his friend Anita on my days off.  My first thought was…. Yay! Road Trip! Anita and the crew at Destruction Bay were a lot of fun.  Destruction Bay is absolutely beautiful. Its right on Kluane lake in  the Yukon.

Trip to Destruction Bay

We saw lots of wildlife on our way up there. On our way to Haines Junction we spotted our first ones.

2 Elk- the one on the right has only one horn


At the tip of Kluane Lake is Sheep Mountain. Its  called  this because there are  tons of Mountain Sheep grazing on it. Pierre got some really good photo…as per him being a photographer and all .In my picture you can just see the sheep as tiny white dots.

Sheep Mountain

Here finally is a picture of the beautiful Kluane lake. Its still mostly frozen in May! Its so silent out there. Nobody but us and the road.

Kluane Lake

We saw a moose too! I haven’t seen one since I was 10 so it was very exciting.  This is a pretty bad picture. It was dusk and dark and snowy. We also saw two deer on the way home and a beautiful Bald Eagle Soaring right above the tree tops.




Here’s a picture of Pierre in photographer mode. I don’t think he even knew I took this picture.


Accidental Trip to Alaska

Natlie and I at the Alaska Border

So yesterday I drove Natalie to get her work visa renewed. We went to Whitehorse where they told us we had to go  to  the Canadian Boarder Crossing near Skagway. So we went there and they told us that She would have to leave the country (cross the American border) in order to get her visa. So we drove right to the Alaska border.  I had no passport so that was another lot of paperwork and explanations. When we got back to the Canadian border they told us that we didn’t have to go there at all. We only needed to go to Whitehorse, and in fact we had to go back to Whitehorse to get it. Wow our government doesn’t know what it’s doing at all!


Natalie & My Baby (car)

The trip wasn’t a total loss. At  least we got to see Alaska briefly.  We also saw two porcupine’s on the way from Whitehorse to Carmacks. Most important of all Natalie got her visa!

Brief Adventure to Alaska

Murray Creek Waterfall – Carmacks, Yukon

So my  friend Pierre brought me out into the bush  today. We went for a hike to Murray Creek Waterfalls just outside of Carmacks. Its spring in the Yukon so it’s very muddy and as I like to call it… mushy. There is still snow on the ground. In fact it was hailing when we started out on the path.

It’s a 45 minute hike up a slight incline to get to the falls.  If you have an ATV you could drive up the road.   We walked it and I was fairly out of breath. I think I need to start going for runs more than once a week. I’m glad I quit smoking four days earlier though.


Unfortunately we didn’t see much wildlife; just a couple of birds. We saw some bear tracks though.  *Sigh* I think its my summer  goal is to see a wild bear. Everyone else has seen one! I’ve lived in BC my entire life and been camping since I was 6 months old  and I have never seen a bear. (Mom or Dad correct me if I’m wrong and saw one when I was young and don’t remember)

Bear Tracks

      We saw some crocuses near the bear tracks. Apparently,  bears eat them in spring. I wonder if they dig out the bulbs. I would imagine there is more nutritional value in those. Anyone?


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